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What is the Feed in Tariff?

Feed In Tariffs (also known as FITs) are the payments made by the UK Government to anyone who creates renewable electricity through such things as solar power.

FITs is the electricity element of what some may refer to as the Clean Energy Cash back; a scheme designed to incentivise energy producers to move away from conventional fossil fuels towards a variety of renewable energy sources. 

Feed in Tariffs were introduced by the old Labour Government in April 2010 in an attempt to try and increase the amount of renewable energy generated in the UK. As a country we need to hit a legally binding target of 15% of total energy from renewables by 2020. 

How do the Feed in Tariffs help?

The Tariffs provide you with three excellent financial benefits:

  • You receive a payment from the Government for all the electricity you produce, even if you use some of it yourself
  • An additional bonus payment is made for any electricity that you export back into the national grid
  • You get a huge reduction on your electricity bill, because you're using the energy you produce

Feed in Tariffs are there for anyone and everyone, including home-owners, landlords, businesses of all sizes and even schools and care homes. Really it's anyone who can create their own energy.

Which renewable energy systems are eligible?

Most forms of renewable electricity generation are eligible - and in every size up to 5 megawatts (that's plenty for a large warehouse or working factory), which are supported by the Renewables Obligation.

We'd love to explain how the Feed in Tariff can pay you for the energy that you generate from fitting solar panels to your property. Why not request a free survey or call us on 0800 044 3045.

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