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Do your bit for climate change

Rising Bills? Global Warming?

Lately we've been bombarded with loads of information relating to the effects of climate change on our environment; the TV, radio and newspapers seem to talk of nothing else! We are threatened with continually rising fuel costs and are relentlessly reminded of the possibility that we may run out of fossil fuels; that we'll have to give up our holidays abroad, downgrade our fuel guzzling cars and get charged for our carbon emissions!

So with all of this frightening information, why doesn't someone explain how we can realistically alter things and tell us of the measures we can take to make a difference to our own carbon footprint as well as our fuel bills. We already know of energy efficient light bulbs, turning down the central heating by a degree or two, installing cavity wall insulation or loft insulation and having a shower instead of a bath to name just a few.

The Benefits of Microgeneration

Renewable energy technologies have a double whammy benefit of greatly reducing your fuel bills, and reducing your carbon emissions.

You can be truly green by making energy yourself. You can reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and also make massive savings by installing a solar hot water heating system. You can 'make' up to 70% of your hot water for free as well as increase the value of your house. 

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