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Do your bit for climate change

Wind turbines in Yorkshire

As we turn more to renewable energy sources we’ve become accustomed to the presence of wind turbines that make the most of nature’s resources. Did you know that you can now harness the power of the wind with a small, environmentally friendly wind turbine in the modern urban landscape?

Speak to us about the suitability of wind turbines. We’re on 0800 044 3045.

Get paid for making energy

You’ll be paid for the energy you produce by the Government’s Clean Energy Cashback Scheme. You get what are known as Feed in Tariffs under the scheme, meaning your wind turbine will actually be paying for itself!

As long as you get an approved appliance put in by an accredited installer – such as our partners – you’ll qualify.

The benefits of fitting wind turbines

  • Cut your bills – wind is completely free and abundant
  • Harness plentiful energy – the UK has 40% of Europe’s wind energy
  • Cut your carbon footprint – wind is a green, renewable energy source
  • Store your power – use batteries to keep excess power for calm days
  • Sell your excess – make money for providing your excess power to the grid

Wind turbines are right for you

Open or elevated land is ideal for wind turbines, although they are suitable for a whole host of locations. Get in touch and we can tell you all about the suitability of your property. Likewise, give us a call on 0800 044 3045 and we’ll arrange a completely free survey in Yorkshire.

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