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Solar panels

Thinking of solar panels for your North Yorkshire home?

It's a smart idea, because all you need to get electricity from solar panels (photovoltaic or PV) is sunlight - and the sun isn't going to stop shining (even though it might not feel like it in North Yorkshire!)

It's true that you’ll produce more electricity on sunny days, but solar panels work well on overcast days too. So, given the new Feed-in-Tariffs that the Labour Government announced with their Clean Energy Cashback scheme, there’s never been a better time to fit solar panels and invest in solar photovoltaic.

Generate money and electricity with solar panels

In April 2010 the Clean Energy Cash-back scheme begun, and a 'Feed-in Tariff' (FIT) gets paid to you for every kWh of electricity you generate through an electricity generating system (such as solar panels).

Your investment for a 1kW solar PV system is going to be about £5,000, a 2kW system will be £9,500 and a 4kW system approximately £15-£15,500 but the returns can be significant. Call us and find out how much you can make!

Of course, we'd love to tell you more about solar panels, so if you're in North Yorkshire why not call us today on 0800 044 3045.

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