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How solar hot water works

The illustration below shows how a typical solar panel hot water system is used to supplement a conventional domestic hot water system.

How solar water worksThe collector (solar panel) should face south or close to south and lie on a pitched roof that will provide the natural angle to face the sun.

A central heating pump forces water through a coiled pipe in the solar panel where it gets heated by the rays of the sun. This then flows down through a second coil in your hot water cylinder. The hot water passing through this coil heats the water in the cylinder.

The cooled water then gets returned back to the solar panel via the pump. The controller box compares the temperature in the panel against the hot water in the cylinder. The pump gets switched on when the water temperature in the panel is hotter than that in the cylinder and off when the reverse applies. As long as the water in the hot water cylinder is at the required temperature, your existing boiler will not switch on.

The water flowing around the solar system is used to heat the water in the cylinder indirectly. This means that no water in the SWH system will come into contact with water in your hot water cylinder. The heat is transferred, not the water.

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