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Tap into a world of free energy

Free hot water with solar water heating

It makes perfect sense - using a source of free hot water instead of paying for commercial energy will create a huge annual financial saving. That source - with a clever bit of technology in between - is the sun.

Solar water heating is the perfect renewable technology for most of the households in the United Kingdom as it offers a really swift payback.  Solar water heating does require a fair bit of plumbing and some heating expertise to be able to correctly size, install and balance a solar hot water system effectively. Therefore it is not generally suitable for the home improvement fan or DIYer. 

Does solar heating replace my boiler?

In simple terms, solar water heating uses the sun's radiation to heat water contained in a panel that's sited on the roof. This in turn can supply that heat as hot water or to a central heating system. It won't fully replace the need for a conventional boiler based hot water system as, unfortunately, the demands on your central heating system are likely to be at their highest when the sun is at its weakest, so a solar heating system is only going to contribute to part of your heating energy requirements. If the system supplied has been correctly sized, it can provide in the region of 40-60% of all your hot water requirements throughout the year. 

Interested in solar water heating?

We'd be delighted to tell you more about solar water heating and the benefits of installing a solar water heating system in your home. For more information, please contact us by calling 0844 241 2605.

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